We Invite You to Join Us in the Lingerie Briefs Designer Salon at Curve NY

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When Curve asked me if we might be interested in hosting a Lingerie Briefs Designer Salon at the New York show from Feb 27 to March 1, I was intrigued. My initial thoughts: we could create a Gallery of entrepreneurial brands, similar to the very popular Designer Gallery on our digital platform. Although our brand mission is to curate the entire Intimate Apparel Marketplace, I have always been a cheerleader for the “little guy”. What I mean is the designers and shops that can’t compete with the “big guys” like corporations and big box stores. I have worked for both and have always believed that the roots of creativity reside in the freedom inherent when “rules” don’t rule every decision. Hence, the reason I launched Lingerie Briefs in 2009.

So, here we are offering an opportunity to showcase indie designers or smaller lingerie brands that are symbiotic with our mission and could use the marketing exposure. The Lingerie Briefs Salon is curated by me and Alison Rubke Connolly, our social media director and former owner of the renowned Faire Frou Frou Lingerie boutique in Los Angeles. (She sold the store 5 years ago). We have culled through our lingerie contacts to reach as many of you as possible, but we know that sometimes, email bloat interferes with this process. We are very excited about the response. There is still more room in the space, and we would be happy to provide information for any brand who is interested. Just contact me at ellen@lingeriebriefs.com

By the way, The Salon will have pre-show press from WWD, Curve and of course, Lingerie Briefs. These images are part of our inspiration for the Salon



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