The Secret Weapon That’ll Help You Nail Winter Layering

It’s only natural to want to bundle up in winter. Remember the hygge phenomenon? But there’s a surprising MVP of seasonal dressing. We’re talking about sheer layering pieces. Before you roll your eyes, hear us out.

While flashing skin seems more suited to spring and summer, see-through selections are actually made for colder temps. Why? Well, you have to layer something underneath to keep from showing too much flesh. Especially since most of us still aren’t comfortable putting our bras on full display.

As long as you’re strategically covering up, you might as well make it interesting. Slip a statement turtleneck under a see-through blouse. Rock a pair of patterned tights or leggings behind sheer trousers or a sheer skirt. Go ahead and top off your new winter lampshading ensemble with a semi-sheer coat. You can also resurrect the dress over pants trend. (Which works especially well with jeans.)

Definitely play it safe by sticking to one sheer item per outfit. That way it’s sure to really stand out. Restricting yourself will also help keep you warm. Which is the main goal, after all.

Scroll down to find the absolute best sheer layering pieces to round out your seasonal wardrobe.

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