The Best Ways to Spend Your Holiday Gift Cards

The holidays are history. Which means you probably have a stockpile of gifts you’re trying to return or exchange. You likely have a stack of gift cards, too. But with all the stylish items out there, figuring out the best place to invest them can be tricky. Enter Portmans. The fashion destination offers plenty of wardrobe staples worth treating yourself to.

Portmans is our go-to source for everything from affordable workwear to statement accessories. While it’s tempting to focus on current trends, your best bet with all those holiday gift cards is to spend them on evergreen items. You know, ones that will still be in style years from now. Think a structured miniskirt, a stylish yet still work-appropriate blouse and a relaxed suit. A pretty polka dot dress is always a good idea. And a pair of aviator sunglasses is also timeless.

It’s important to pick up pieces that are truly versatile. They should complement multiple things already tucked securely in your closet. You should also focus on seasonless wares. While a stark halter jumpsuit works in summer, with a little sartorial ingenuity, you can wear it come fall and even in winter.

Ready to get rid of all those holiday gift cards? Keep reading to discover the must-have scores we found via Portmans.

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