The Best Half-Zip Knits to Add to Your Sweater Collection

Now that sweater weather has really taken hold, it’s time to reassess our knits. One of the most versatile options? Why half-zip sweaters, of course. They can be worn multiple ways. From plunging and unzipped to zipped up as a turtleneck.

With such a specific silhouette, you’d think that the selection may be pretty limited. Think again. From cable knits to cropped toppers, there are lots of iterations. The one thing they must have in common is the fact that the zipper goes all the way up. Otherwise you’re stuck with a simple polo. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But we like our sweaters to be a bit more flexible.

Half-zip knits are also great layering devices. Size up to ensure it can serve as your final coating. (Heck, some are substantial enough to double as your winter coat.) Come spring, you can always flaunt them solo to keep you cozy when temps are still hovering below 60.

Keep scrolling to see the most stylish half-zip sweaters to add to your winter repertoire right now. We’ve included designer must-haves along with some fast-fashion staples. That way you can stock up on the latter or invest in the former.

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