Ready-To-Eat Healthy Snacks For Those Go-Go-Go Days

Will the French culture of a long, leisurely lunch ever bleed into our culture here in America? I doubt it. We’re more stuff-your-face with whatever you can find type of people most days. Sure food prep is now in the common vernacular and there are endless healthy eating trends, but when push comes to shove when most of us are stressed and busy that all falls out the window.

I make a point of always having cut fruit and veggies on hand. It’s not as tasty or as nutrient-dense as washing and cutting produce right before eating them, but having them prepped and ready to go is the only way I’ll actually eat them when I’m hungry (otherwise those Stacy’s Pita Chips 100% call my name). Besides that, keeping snacks on hand that offer health benefits like fiber, protein and/or healthy fats is key to staying energized and satiated.

Sure anything you get in a shelf-stable bag is never going to be even close to as good-for-the-body as farm fresh products, but there’s a time and place for both.

When you’re in a crunch and need a quick and easy snack, consider reaching for one of the below.

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