Prada’s Holiday 2021 Campaign Is Set in a Snow-Covered Los Angeles

Ever since Miuccia Prada welcomed Raf Simons as co-creative director of Prada back in 2020, the creative twosome has been experimenting with photographers when it comes to the fashion house’s advertising campaigns. The duo’s debut outing for Spring 2021 went to Ferdinando Verderi, Xavier Dolan came aboard for its Galleria handbag installment and David Sims tried his hand at shooting the Fall 2021 ads. Now Glen Luchford is back capturing the Holiday 2021 campaign featuring Julia Garner, Shira Haas, Taylor Russell and Louis Partridge. The cast roams a digitally-created winter Los Angeles landscape for the series aptly entitled A Midwinter’s Night Dream.

Prada Holiday 2021 by Glen Luchford


The outcome ignited debate on our forums immediately. “I don’t wanna sound retrograde, but Prada by Luchford in 1997 to 1998 with Amber Valletta and this nonsense, feel the difference,” disapproved Alien Sex Friend.

“Too zoomed out and the vaguely post-apocalyptic context is not really enticing me to spend my money on luxury items…maybe to start hoarding bottled water,” admitted YohjiAddict.

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“The great return of Glen Luchford to Prada feels so underwhelming. He’s not the savior the brand needs,” remarked grimm.

“Total letdown of a creative reunion. This could have been so much better,” proclaimed zoom.

“Admittedly the post-production is solid — although it’s a tad (much) too The Day After Tomorrow for my liking. Very unfortunate about the cast, styling and that stupid bucket hat,” critiqued Phuel.

“To be completely honest, I haven’t admired a Prada campaign since Pre-Fall 2020…and while this is currently doing zilch for me, the coloring is rather gorgeous here and the sense of minimalism works wonders for Prada,” confessed vogue28.

“Stunning campaign, better than the previous ones,” voiced VogueGirl8910.

Prada Holiday 2021 by Glen Luchford


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