Multitasking Body Serums Are Here to Replace Your Boring Old Lotions

We’re betting you have at least one facial serum on your vanity. Between all the anti-aging potions and K-beauty innovations, you actually may have several serums in your arsenal. But how many body serums do you own?

Most of us will probably answer zero. But that definitely needs to change, especially during summer. Hot weather calls for nongreasy, lighter alternatives to keep our bodies super smooth and ultra moisturized. And body serums are certainly up to the task since they’re one step above body lotions. It’s all thanks to their concentrated ingredients that aren’t diluted like in lotions and creams. Plus, they often boast moisturizing powerhouse hyaluronic acid or other hydration heroes.

Just like with facial serums, there’s one for every concern along with some multitaskers. From simply adding moisture to fighting wrinkles to brightening and even doubling as fragrance when you’re in a pinch. (Or rocking every day since the scented versions smell better than some pricey perfumes.) We love a good multitasker, after all.

Ready to show your body some much-needed love? Glad to hear. Here are the best body serums to add to your routine. Buy more than one bottle of your favorite formula so you’ll be able to stay smooth all season long.

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