Keep Your Skin in Check With These Convenient Toner Pads

We’re all pretty familiar with toner. From natural versions to formulas for scalps, it’s a necessary step in many of our regimens. But getting the exact right amount of product can be tricky. You don’t want too little. Or too much. (It’s the classic Goldilocks conundrum.) That’s where toner pads come in handy.

The presoaked pads make applying just the right amount of toner a cinch. Or, more accurately, a swipe. They not only tone, most of them exfoliate, too. Think you can’t indulge because you’re always battling blemishes or have super sensitive skin? Think again. Banila Co’s pads pack 85 percent tea tree leaf extract to help soothe complexions. Etude House’s latest offering offers panthenol and madecassoside for a gentle cleanse.

We’re all trying to be more green-minded these days. Especially when it comes to our skin care routines. So we totally get it if you’re apprehensive about using pads you’ll have to toss. Many of us still apply toners with cotton balls anyway. To ease your eco conscience, turn to Tula because its pads are biodegradable.

So are you ready to make the switch? Keep reading to discover the best toner pads to keep your skin looking good and feeling happy.

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