Equine Therapy at Curve NY!

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It’s not a big secret to many of our readers that I horseback ride. For me, it’s better than traditional therapy. There is absolutely nothing equivalent to standing next to a 1000-pound sentient animal for perspective. Horses are my escape valve. I am at the barn almost every day in Mexico. It’s a lifestyle for me in Los Cabos.

Kilobrava Horse print pajamas for Fall 22 as featured on Lingerie BriefsKilobrava

Los Cabos is not my only abode. I travel quite often to the Northeast, as I did last week to attend the New York Lingerie Shows (and of course to see my family). Let me tell you, it’s quite a cultural counterpunch to go from the back of a horse to NYC. Both places have their virtues: calm vs. energy. So, imagine my delight when at the Curve NY Fall/Winter Lingerie show, I encountered equine messages at the PJ Salvage and the Kilo Brava booths. I thought it would be a bit tongue and cheek to highlight my feel-good moment at the exposition. I will be highlighting, as I have before, what I saw and what I learned at the shows. But until then, at least I had my horse fix.

PJ Salvage Horse print pajamas for Fall 22 as featured on Lingerie BriefsPJ Salvage

PJ Salvage Horse print for Fall 22 as featured on Lingerie BriefsPJ Salvage

“There is Something About the Outside of a Horse
that is Good for the Inside of a Man” Winston Churchill

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