Best Curl-Defining Creams for Unbelievable Bounce

Curly-haired gals know that their coils need extra care. Especially in spring and summer with all that humidity lingering in the air. Which means curly hair upkeep can be quite detailed. But once you find the right routine, it’s totally worth it. To take away some of the guesswork, we went ahead and put together a list of the best curl-defining creams. You’ll definitely want to add one of them to your must-buy list.

These creams are real multitaskers. They reduce frizz as they moisturize, frequently with help from hair-loving oils. And they do it all without a hint of crunchiness. Which, as anyone with curls knows, is half the battle. Another benefit? They prevent your coils from getting tangled. A few even protect manes from heat, UV rays and pollution. We told you, they’re real multitaskers.

Price points vary. From under $10 to under $40. The key is finding out which cream works best for you. Even if you know your curl type, it still may take some trial and error to find your best match.

Ready for head-turning locks? Keep reading to discover the best curl-defining creams for that easy, breezy bounce.

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