Armlets Are the Must-Have Accessories of the Moment

Whether you call them armlets, arm cuffs, armbands or bicep bracelets, there’s one thing that’s for sure. They are about to be HUGE. It’s another case of the early aughts taking over.

The upper arm candy was a common theme of the Spring 2022 collections. Tory Burch, Fendi and Prada to name just a few. This time around, the variety is pretty stellar. Obviously, there are tons of designer versions. Some of which also allow you to feed your logo obsession. But you don’t have to spend your rent to get in on the trend. (Especially since we’re not exactly sure if this fad has staying power.)

You can embrace the traditional cuff format. Or go for a bangle approach. There are even charming snake takes and buckle interpretations.

When it comes to placement, the most common position is a couple inches below your armpit. Although feel free to experiment. Placing your armlet right above or below your elbow is a great alternative. We recommend sticking with one arm per outfit. Otherwise you risk looking like Wonder Woman. Although you can and should stack them. This is where bangles come in handy.

Keep reading to discover the most stylish armlets around.

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