Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts to Get Your BFF — Your Real Soulmate

Everyone knows that when it comes to Valentine’s Day, BFFs are greater than boyfriends. That’s because your BFF just gets you. She has stuck with you through everything and knows just what you need and when you need it. You love each other because of, not in spite of, your flaws. Your loud, annoying laugh? Charming. The way you’re always late? Fashionable. Soulmates are few and far between and that’s why they deserve amazing, thoughtful and affordable Valentine’s Day gifts.

The fact is getting a present when you’re not expecting one will totally brighten anyone’s day. With that in mind, we went ahead and rounded up some cool, whimsical and heartfelt gifts, which you can take all the credit for finding. From must-have accessories to a lovely rose-themed candle, there’s something awesome for every single member of your squad. (We even uncovered a bargain deal on a pair of opera gloves.) The best part? They all ring in at $50 or under.

You can thank us later, but right now you have some shopping to do. See below for super affordable Valentine’s Day gifts your BFF will really appreciate and absolutely love.

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