9 Moisturizing Body Lotions to Help Heal and Even Prevent Dry Winter Skin

We have been busy focusing on keeping our faces hydrated with face oils and hyaluronic acid products. But that means we may be neglecting our bodies. Our limbs may be protected from winter’s harsh winds and freezing temps by our cozy sweaters, tights and wide-leg pants, but they still need adequate hydration. Having moisturizing body lotions is an absolute must in winter. That’s because we’re constantly combating the drying effects of extreme weather. Not to mention dealing with central heating and steamy showers.

The best moisturizing body lotions boast potent and soothing ingredients to prevent itchy, irritated skin. And these top-rated picks do it all without feeling greasy. They also won’t leave a pesky coating behind on the inside of your new cardigan. If dry skin has already gotten the better of you, these versatile formulas help treat scaly limbs and offer instant relief. Some even have the National Eczema Association seal of approval.

So are you ready for smooth, hydrated and nourished skin all over? Then read on to discover the nine best moisturizing body lotions that will save your skin this winter. Make sure you stock up on your favorite since we still have a lot of winter to go.

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