13 Best Cleansing Oils for ALL Skin Types

Oils used to get a bad rap, catching the blame for everything from acne and blackheads to greasy skin. Today, we know that the right oils offer loads of benefits for skin without causing breakouts or leaving skin feeling greasy. There are oil-based shampoos to nourish hair, facial oils to boost hydration and radiance. There are even oils that help treat acne. Cleansing oils are also becoming a popular product, especially when used in a double cleanse routine.

Cleansing oils remove makeup, dirt and debris in one fell swoop. These ultra gentle — yet ultra effective — cleansers effectively whisk away even the most stubborn makeup while leaving skin soft and supple. The best part? They work for all skin types and won’t leave skin greasy or broken out. According to Lindsay Royston at Joanna Czech Studio, the oils are especially good for those with chronically dry skin or makeup wearers because they thoroughly remove all dirt, oil and impurities without stripping skin. This makes cleansing oils an excellent pick during the frigid winter months or when traveling to cold, dry climates.

Each product will vary slightly, but Royston says cleansing oils work best when they’re applied directly to dry skin with dry hands. Then rinsed with water at the end. The addition of water emulsifies the oil, turning it into a milky solution that will rinse away clean with no greasy residue.

Here are the 13 best cleansing oils your skin care routine needs ASAP.

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